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Your Tool to Easily Create Signs, Letters, and Stencils

DXF Laser Cutting Fonts is an interesting graphics and design software developed by Schreckenberg. It aims to provide a solution to people who wants to create stencils, signs, and letterings that needs DXF files for laser cutting operations. The app is very reliable and user-friendly for effortless designing. If you want to obtain stencils and letters with a corner-free and smooth curve contour, this program should be on your radar. 

Simple to Work With

DXF Laser Cutting Fonts is a CAD application that is fairly simple to work with. It offers a quick and uneventful installation, which then allows you to launch it from the shortcut that it automatically creates. The app has a simple interface that is borderline basic. But don’t be put off by its appearance. While it may not look impressive, it manages to do its job successfully. It even uses a wizard-style step-by-step method than help you create your DXI file.

The app’s main window lets you input the text you want to turn into a laser-cuttable version. As with the built-in paint app that Windows computers have, the Majority of DXF Laser Cutting Fonts’ window is dedicated to the drawing board. With this, you can design a huge sign or as many signs you want. You can even choose the preferred font for your design. The app offers a wide range of fonts with your favorite styles—bold, italic, and normal. More so, you can add shapes and units of measurement.

Various Fonts Supported

DXF Laser Cutting Fonts promises to give you stencils and letters with corner-free and smooth curve contour. The app is capable of converting your MS Windows fonts to optimized DXF files. With this, you will have an easier and faster way of designing your stencils, letterings, and other sign designs. Not only that, but you can also adjust the font size according to your needs, connect various contours, and as mentioned, add shapes and much more. The application also supports input values in both milometers and inches

In the main window, you can preview your fonts using the Font Character panel. Using this function, you can see how the design will look with every font you chose. With it, you can decide if you like its appearance or if you need to make a few adjustments. And speaking of adjustments, you can modify the font size by adjusting the sign distance, as well as the height and width of the characters. 

Once your designs are done, DXF Laser Cutting Fonts will generate the final image and convert the fonts to arcs and lines for them to be easily cut by a laser. Before saving your work, you can analyze every minute details of it by zooming in and out the windows. You can do so with a simple mouse click

Efficient Application

Taking things into consideration, DXF Laser Cutting Fonts is a handy and efficient tool to have if you are into commercial designing. The app can help you convert words written in regular text fonts to their laser-cuttable equivalents, so you wouldn’t have a hard time turning your vision into reality. It also helps that the software is very easy to use. It is a recommended app for designers looking for an easy-to-use yet feature-rich design app.

Create letterings for laser cutting. Converting Windows fonts.

DXF LASER CUTTING FONTS is a CAD Tool for programming of letterings, signs and stencils for laser-, plasma- and waterjet cutting systems. The program converts Windows fonts in optimized DXF files. "Smooth" and "corner-free" curve contours, different text shapes, variable font sizes, easy to create stencil letters, input millimetre or inch, connects character contours, easy to use. New improved version: CAD functions to modify and merge contours. Advanced help and examples. Zoom via mousewheel. Improved menus and conversion.


  • Intuitive and clutter-free interface
  • Rich collection of powerful features
  • Converts your MS Windows fonts
  • Supports shapes and lines


  • Basic interface

Older versions

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  • Demo
  • In English
  • V 5.1
  • 2.8
  • (15)
  • Security Status

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